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We're Sponsoring Katy Johnson's One Model Mission Documentary!

One Model Mission hopes to change the world and it's perception on what true beauty is to promote self love, tolerance, and empower all women. Katy Johnson will be taking on a journey around the world to find the definition of true beauty in every country, race, religion, and background. It is a mission to understand women of all backgrounds to give them a chance to tell their story. The story of how they grew up, the beauty standards they live by, what their personal definition of physical beauty is, as well as what they believe true beauty is. This is all in hopes of finding a better understanding of the world and the beauty within it, as well as to find a common theme in what women of the world believe true beauty is.

As a business that works tirelessly to improve the lives of others, we are officially sponsoring One Model Mission throughout the life of the project. Not only are we making charitable donations towards an incredible cause, we will be working side-by-side with Katy to spread OMM all over the world.

You are beautiful, capable, and worthy! I understand you, I value you, lets change the world together!
— Katy Johnson

From Katy:

"I hope to find a common theme that is much deeper than the skin of one but that true beauty are the traits and morals our souls possess. The empathy, love, and tolerance we share. It's a mission reminding us that we are not much different from one another. This mission is to shed light on the misconceptions and skewed perception of beauty, especially those constructed in western society. It is to show off not only the beautiful women of every country, but also to show the beauty of each country in the world; the beautiful landscapes, history, and culture with a goal to encourage more love, peace, and understanding amongst us all while also advocating for women’s equality.  Along with the bigger picture, it is also meant to show a model that has left the industry for a deeper purpose; it’s a mission to not only find true beauty and purpose in all women but to also find true beauty and purpose within herself."

One Model Mission will follow Katy Johnson, an American model living in Los Angeles around to all 196 countries in the world. Those following will feel as if they are beside her as she discovers the beauty in each country, interviews women of each country, while also dealing with struggles of solo-travel, loneliness, language barriers, border control issues, and many other difficulties one would face traveling the world. 

This will be a very real and raw docu-series. It will show the harsh truths of what some women endure in order to be and feel beautiful or respected and even just to be safe in a place they call home. This will be a mission to show the different struggles of being a woman in different societies. It will feature how women in different societies still struggle with inequality, oppression, and basic liberties, as well as some unrealistic beauty standards and traditions.

Interested in getting involved? Visit us online to learn more and/or make a donation by clicking either button below!